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It’s freezing cold outside but you know those beach-ready muscles won’t happen by themselves just by sleeping in (although it is extremely tempting). Good on you for making #betterlifechoices!

Here are 5 steps to weight training to be beach-ready by summer

Tip # 1 – Are You Going for Strength or Size?

The simplest way to navigate this is:

  • Do low weight & high reps to increase strength & tone
  • Do high weight & low reps to increase size

Tip # 2 – Make Sure Your Technique Is Good

This is where a few introductory sessions with a PT comes in. If you feel unsure about using any equipment, ask – and opt for assisted machines rather than free-weights.

Tip # 3 – Aim To Work Each Muscle Group At Least Once A Week

Work on your chest and shoulders one day, biceps and triceps on another and back and legs on the third day. Or, you may opt for shorter sessions with a different group each day.

Tip # 4 – It’s Easy For Your Results To Plateau…

…that is, if you don’t mix it up your exercise routine. I like to consult a personal trainer every 6 weeks to start a fresh program.

TIP # 5 – Work Out With A Buddy

This will not only make you more likely to go to the gym when the temperature drops, but it keeps you motivated during the session.

Dr Zac - Winter Workout Hacks To Build Muscle