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A toned and flat stomach is one of the first things people talk about when they want to get in shape.

Here 3 crucial things you need to know before you can get that illusive 6 pack:

Tip #1 – It’s Impossible to have visible abdominals until your body fat percentage is low

Your body fat percentage needs to be around 15% in order for abs to become visible. So you can’t just target abs: you need to get excited about a total body transformation.

TIP # 2 – Fast-track Your Progress with Yoga or Pilates

This will allow you to switch on your core while you work out, driving or even sitting at your desk. I recommend swapping out your office chair for a swiss ball to really get that core going.

TIP #3 – Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

You can’t just do sit ups and ignore what you’re eating – and more importantly – what you’re drinking! Alcohol is full of sugar, so if abs are really something you want to aim for with your workout routine, limit your consumption of all sugars.