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It’s now easier than ever for diabetics to test glucose levels.

Half a million Australians have diabetes without even knowing it…

In the past, in order to monitor your glucose levels you would need a ‘prick test’ – which was as painful and annoying as it sounds.

Now there is a convenient patch that you can wear if you have been diagnosed with diabetes in order to monitor your glucose levels.

The light-weight patch is worn on the inside of your arm and can give you a reading of your levels for the past 8 hours.

It is water-proof, though it should be noted that it is only to a depth of 1 meter and for a maximum duration of 30 minutes. Each patch lasts up to 14 days.

FreeStyle Libre Sensor ($92.50) & Reader ($95,

Dr Zac - Test Glucose Levels for Diabetes via Patch