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Once upon a time, as late as the 1990s, cosmetic procedures were solely the domain of female celebrities and/or seemingly ‘ostentatious’ men (here’s looking at you, Liberace).

As time has passed, the social stigma of Botox has decreased significantly, to the point where your suburban shopping centre probably houses a cosmetic clinic of some description.

As a result, guys are becoming increasingly aware of what’s going on with their faces, identifying what they don’t and do want to look like.

Taking control of one’s physicality is becoming increasingly popular for men – myself included. I’m a big believer that if you’re not 100% comfortable with a physical feature, regardless of your age or gender, you can change it. Personally, I take a preventative approach to Botox (or ‘Brotox’, as I like to call it). A more natural, fresh and awake look is always in vogue.

So what are some common Brotox procedures happening at your local clinic?

The most common symptom male patients ask me to rectify is to stop looking tired. The second most common request is to avoid looking like their fathers’ as they age (!). The unifying factors these Brotoxers all have is a specific goal in mind, using Brotox as a first line of prevention.

If you’re thinking of having a little Brotox, I recommend you do your research across clinics and practitioners. Ask for several ‘before and after’ photos of previous clients, making sure you like the work of the doctor who has completed the work. After all, that’s the effect you will probably get!

Besides Brotox, many male patients are commonly seeking cosmetic dental work and hair transplants. Hair transplants, in particular, have come a LONG way over the past 15 years.

Then there’s a little procedure called….Scrotox. Yup, it is exactly what it sounds like!

Scrotox is injecting Botox into the male scrotum to create a larger, more relaxed shape of the testicles. Scrotox makes the skin of the scrotum bigger, so the testacles sit lower. Studies have shown that Scrotox can actually help increase male fertility. Needless to say, there is an ever-increasing number of men who are asking for this procedure.

In addition to Scrotox, many men seek cosmetic procedures to enlarge the penis by making it wider, longer, removing fat pads, making thicker testicles and creating smaller testicles.

It may sound like it only happens once in a blue moon, but these procedures are being performed regularly by teams of highly specialised medical professionals with consistently positive results.

Without past social stigmas affecting how men view their bodies, I believe it’s a wonderful thing that men are happy to discuss Brotox and indeed their aesthetic goals – genital or otherwise – with their doctors and can act accordingly, without fear of fudgement.

Free choice is a wonderful thing indeed!

Dr Zac - Brotox and the Rise of Men's Cosmetic Procedures