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Spots. Nobody likes ‘em; but everyone’s got ‘em.

Whether you get spots from the sun or as a birthmark, you need to know what to look out for, what not to worry about and what you should be talking with your GP about quicksmart.

Spots can take the form of sun sports, birthmarks and moles. Check your entire body every six months to make sure any pre-existing spots haven’t changed. Going back over these questionable areas will reassure your safety, as well as catch anything that may need to be looked over by your GP or dermatologist. To make things simple, use this acronym when going over any pre-existing spots to detect a possible melanoma:

  • A – Asymmetry – any spots that lack symmetry
  • B – Border – any spot with an irregular or spreading border over time
  • C – Color – any spot that is multi-colored e.g. black, blue, red, grey
  • D – Diameter – any spot that grows larger in size over time

The key to keeping yourself safe from harmful types of skin cancer is to regularly look over your body and take note of every spot you see. A good way to do this is with your smart phone. Take pictures of any spots that stand out and add a calendar alarms every few months to monitor the shape. As with all the best health practices, prevention is key!