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It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same could be said about aesthetics and cosmetics.

Having been in the industry for a while now, I find it interesting that both my patients and acquaintances are scared they may leave the clinic looking like an otherworldly creature. Two common statements I’m often told are “I just want to look natural” – or more commonly – “I don’t want to look like [insert celebrity name]”.

My response is this: the capability and aesthetic sensibility of the practitioner is the most important factor for a patient when considering a cosmetic procedure.

The key to any kind of cosmetic procedure (and for the most part, many aspects of life) is to find a practitioner you think fits the desired mould. Cosmetic practitioners look like what they think is attractive and normal – so they will, if you go to them, continue in the same vein with your procedure. Anti-wrinkle treatments and fillers are brilliant products when used correctly by a skilled practitioner; however, they are often used incorrectly with somewhat jarring results. Do your research and ask to see photos of their past work.

In my opinion, a holistic approach to cosmetic procedures is needed to ensure the best, long-term and sustainable results for each patient. My job is not to change my patient’s appearance; but to help them look refreshed, revived and less tired, so as to further enhance their natural beauty. Indeed, I find my role as a mix between technician, confidant and sounding board. I am often advising my patients to use less products.

Patients should be educated by their doctors from the beginning of their journey, in order to think clearly about the changes they would like to see – and ultimately, have their expectations met.

My advice to you when searching for a cosmetic physician is to make sure you like their aesthetic, are confident in their skills and don’t jump around to different clinics. Find someone you trust – and stick with them.

Dramatic change is possible, but almost never needed.